Spring 2017

EECS 04812102 | Video Coding and Understanding Teaching Assistant | Peking University The purpose of this course is to provide an accessible and compressive overview of the fundamental concepts and latest techniques of the video coding and understanding for students, espacially emphasizing on the conpect of the second generation of Advance Video coding System (AVS2). AVS2 is a tools set on multimedia coding and analysis, for effcient video transmission, storage, and content understanding. CloudWebsite

Spring 2018

EL-GY 6123 | Image and Video Processing Teaching Assistant for final Projects | New York University This course introduces fundamentals of image and video processing, including color image capture and representation; contrast enhancement; spatial domain filtering; two-dimensional (2D) Fourier transform and frequency domain interpretation of linear convolution; image sampling and resizing; multi-resolution image representation using pyramid and wavelet transforms; feature point detection and global alignment between images based on feature correspondence; geometric transformation, image registration; video motion characterization and estimation; video stabilization and panoramic view generation; image and video segmentation; selected advanced image processing techniques; basic compression techniques and standards (JPEG image compression standard; wavelet transform and JPEG2000 standard; video compression using adaptive spatial and temporal prediction; video coding standards (MPEGx/H26x); Stereo and multi- view image and video processing (depth from disparity, disparity estimation, video synthesis, compression). Students will learn to implement selected algorithms in Python. A term project will be required. CloudWebsite